Curriculum Vitae

Vibe G. Frokjaer

Birth date: 29th April 1972

Academic degrees and specialization

2023, December first, Clinical Professor in Neuropsychiatry at Institute for Clinical Medicine, Copenhagen University, Denmark.

2020, September first, appointed Adjunct Professor at Dept of Psychology Copenhagen University, Denmark.

From 2020 -2023: Clinical research associate professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2019, authorized as specialist in psychiatry, qualified from July 1st 2019.

2008, 11th June: PhD (Medicine), supervisor prof. Gitte M Knudsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2000: MD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Current postgraduate appointment

2023, December first Clinical Professor in Neuropsychiatry, Institute for Clinical Medicine, Copenhagen University, Denmark combined with a senior consultant position at the outpatient clinical at Psychiatric Center Copenhagen. The research part is based at Neurobiology Research Unit, Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet (50%) and Mental Health Services Capital Region of Denmark (50%).

Maternity leaves

#4: 2016 (birth 17th Feb). #3: 2009 (birth 12th Sep). #2: 2006 (birth 23th June). #1: 2002 (birth 16th Oct).

Teaching and supervision

Ongoing: Currently supervising 5 PhD students (3 as primary) and 2 post docs. I also supervise in average 3-4 MD students in research years and master theses per year.  

Chair of MD exams in neurology and psychiatry 2020 and 2021 and coordinator for PhD students in Mental Health services Capital Region DK 2020-2023.

Regular lectures at PhD courses within psychiatry and neurology.

2020- ongoing: Mood and Emotions Module, Msc Neuroscience course, Copenhagen University

2021: Invited lecture at Campus course at European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, “Hormones and the Brain: Hormonal treatment for assisted reproduction”.

2018 and 2019: Teaching neuroscience winter and summer school at Univ. of Tübingen and Leipzig, Germany

2017: Coordinator of postgraduate MDs in training, clinical psychiatry.

2017-: Clinical psychiatry for medical students, University of Copenhagen.

2014: Neurobiology of mood disorders, Human Biology, University of Copenhagen, DK.

2011 – 2015: 2 courses for postgraduate neuropsychologists on brain imaging and neurochemistry.

2008 – 2012: ”Psychiatry and psychopharmacology”, School of Midwifery, DK.

Management experience

Experienced in research project and group management through section leaderships and PI-roles since 2010. Heading several projects and clinical trials. 

Grants >500.000 DKK

2022: PI Savværksejer Jeppe og hustru Ovita Juuls legat (DKK 1.000.000)

2020: Co-PI H2020 EU Innovative Training Network grant for 15 PhD-students 

2020: PI Rigshospitalet grant for midwife PhD position (DKK 1.700.000)

2020: PI Project 1 grant, Independent Research Fund DK (DKK 2.051.690)

2019: PI Research grant from Mental health services in the Capital Region of Denmark (DKK 895.000)

2019: Steering group member and co-PI in the strategic alliance BrainDrugs grant Lundbeck foundation (DKK 40 mio).

2018: PI Running costs grant for database and biobank, Rigshospitalet (DKK 879.000)

2017: PI Sapere Aude, Starting Grant, Independent Research Fund Denmark (DKK 4.225.921)

2017: PI Project 1 grant, Independent Research Fund Denmark (DKK 1.852.566)

2011: Co-PI in Cimbi-II 5 year Center Grant Lundbeckfonden (DKK 40 mio)

2010: Co-PI Cimbi grant “Region Hovedstadens Forskningsfond til Sundhedsforskning” (DKK 1.800.000).

2009: PI 3 years post doc grant The Danish Council for Independent Research, (DKK 1.923.491).

Awards and positions of trust

2023: Appointed ECNP Depression Meta Network member

2021: Research advisory board member for “Sygeforsikring Danmark” donations (150 mio DKK)

2021: Editorial Board Member with European Neuropsychopharmacology

2019: Appointed Danish representative in the management committee for the EU-based Riseup-Post Partum Depression (PPD) COST Action.

2017: Appointed member of Neuroimaging network of European College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

2011-2015: Senior member of Council of Investigators for Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging, Section leader of “Mood and Emotions”, supervision of PhD and post docs.

2011: Women in Natural Science Award. Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, L’oreal, UNESCO (DKK 100.000).

2011: Appointed member of The Young Academy of Denmark, i.e., a junior member of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters from 2011-16.

Publication summary

>125 peer-reviewed article publications (including Nature Mental Health, Neuron, JAMA Psychiatry, Biol Psychiatry), 3 peer-reviewed book chapter publication.

Co-authored national guidelines in the theme of reproductive mental health.

H-index: 38 (Since 2016: 29), google scholar with the author ID: Vibe G. Frokjaer. Link to full publication list:

Orcid link:

Invited scientific presentations

Invited speaker in. 2023 at WASAD, ISPNE, DGPPN, ECNP, Science and Cocktails, Copenhagen Denmark 2021. Inauguration for Centre for Women’s Mental Health During the Reproductive years (WoMHeR), Uppsala, Sweden 2020. Stresskonferencen, Institut for Psykologi, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2020. WFSBP Congress Vancouver, Canada 2019, IAWMH conference on Women’s Mental Health 2019 Paris, France, ESPE neurobiology of gender conference, UCL, Tavistock London, October 2018. Key note lecture “Hormones and the Brain”, Tübingen, Germany, 2018. Danish Society for Medical Sciences, CPH “Precision medicine for brain disorders; perspectives for depression”, October 2018. European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP), 2017. 9th Copenhagen Workshop on endocrine disrupters (COW) 2017. 9th International Meeting Steroids and Nervous System, Torino, Italy 2017. Scientific seminar at Center for Models of Life, Niels Bohr Institute (2016). Perinatal Mental Health conference 2015. Society for Biological Society (SOBP) 2014. ECNP 2013. 2012: Danish Royal Academy of Science, lecture “Sex-hormones and brain function”. ECNP 2011. Selected speaker at EANM (2004) Marie Curie Award (1 of 5 from a total of 1300).

International research activities

I collaborate with international experts in mental health, neuroimaging, endocrinology and molecular genetics in scientific projects including with Karl-Peter Lesch (Wurzburg, Germany), Elisabeth Binder (Max Planck Inst., München, Germany), Liisa Galea (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada), Kieran O´Donell (Yale, USA), and Inger Sundstrøm (Uppsala Univ., Sweden).

Scientific focus area

My main interest is brain architecture of risk for psychiatric disorders and how such risk biomarker and/or mechanistic insights can guide precise prevention and treatment, which I evaluate in relevant clinical cohorts. I have developed an independent line of research in experimental and clinical psychoneuroendocrinology, serotonergic brain biology, brain signatures of steroid hormone rhythms, and molecular and functional human brain imaging. My projects and my research teams are cross-disciplinary by nature.