About me

For the Young Academic Award

I am a medical doctor with clinical experience in neurology and psychiatry. Since 2002 I have been involved in brain research based at Neurobiology Research Unit, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Center for integrated molecular brain imaging (Cimbi), and NeuroPharm. My research line aims at uncovering neurobiological correlates to vulnerability for developing neuropsychiatric disease, which ideally hold a preventive potential. I work primarily with molecular imaging of serotonergic neurotransmission in the context of steroid hormone biology, and genetic and personality risk factors for neuropsychiatric disease.

Contact: vibe(at)nru.dk

Below is a video from a public presentation I did at Copenhagen University Hospital April 2015 (in Danish).
“How does light, genetics, stress, and recreational drugs affect your brain?”

Lecture from my lecture: “Female sex hormones, brain function, and mental health: how sex hormones shape our brain” @ Science & Cocktails event July 4, 2021, DR Koncerthuset Copenhagen