Vibe Gedsø Frøkjær, 29th April 1972

Academic degrees

2008, 11th June: PhD (Medicine), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

2000: MD, University of Copenhagen.

Postgraduate appointments

2013, April (present position): Appointed as senior researcher and research group leader, Dept. of Neurology, Copenhagen Uni. Hosp., and currently under part-time clinical training as psychiatrist.

2010, June to 2013, March: 3 year post doc grant (FSS), investigating neuropsychobiological effects of hormonal downregulation in healthy women. Maternity leave #3 (1. Aug 2009 – 29. May 2010)

2009, May – July 2009: Post doc at Center for Integrated Molecular Imaging (Cimbi), and at the Neurobiological Research Unit (NRU), Rigshospitalet.

2008, May to 2009, May: Resident psychiatrist, Psychiatric Center Rigshospitalet.

2008, January, to 2008, May: Working at Cimbi, NRU, and Dep. of Neurology implementing studies on the associations between gender and baseline endogenous sex hormones, cortisol waking response and post and presynaptic markers of in vivo serotonin signaling.

2002, March to 2007, December: Research fellow at Neurobiology Research Unit (including maternity leave #1 (16Oct 2002-31July 2003) and #2 (23Jun 2006-3May 2007). PhD-project (2003-2007): Relating cerebral serotonin 2A receptor and serotonin transporter binding to personality and familial risk for mood disorder. Tool development and clinical work (2002 – 2003): Implementing and optimizing the IRIX Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) scanner for cerebral blood flow imaging to be used in diagnosing neurodegenerative disorders and localize brain pathology underlying epileptic activity.

2000-2002: 18 months internship in Frederiksborg Amt.

2000: 6 months clinical appointment at the Dep. of Neurology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.

Maternity leaves

#3: 2009 (birth 12th Sep). #2: 2006 (birth 23th June). #1: 2002 (birth 16th Oct).


2014 – ongoing: Course on neurobiology of mood disorders, Dep. of Human Biology, University of Copenhagen.

2011 – ongoing: 2 courses for postgraduate neuropsychologists on structural and molecular brain imaging and brain neurochemistry.

2008 – 2012: Teaching ”Psychiatry and psychopharmacology”, School of Midwifery, Copenhagen.

Grants, awards, and positions of trust

2011-2015: Senior research member of Council of Investigators for Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging, Section leader of “Mood and Emotions”. Supervision of medical and Phd students.

2012: Scleroseforeningen grant, co-applicant (DKK 100.000)

2011: 1/5 project participation in Cimbi-II 5 year Center Grant Lundbeckfonden (40.000.000 DKK)

2011: Savværksejer Jeppe Juhl and wife´s mindelegat (DKK 150.000)

2011: Appointed member of The Young Academy of Denmark.

2011: Women in Natural Science Award. L’oreal Denmark, UNESCO and RoyalDanishAcademy of Sciences (DKK 100.000).

2010: Cimbi grant from “Region Hovedstadens Forskningsfond til Sundhedsforskning” (DKK 1.800.000).

2009: 3 years post doc grant The Danish Council for Independent Research, (DKK 1.923.491).

2007-2008: Dagmar Marshalls Fond (DKK 150.000). Emmy Lange f. Kramps Legat (DKK 40.000).

Publications and invited scientific presentations

51 peer-reviewed article publications (11 as first author, 10 second author, and 4 as senior author). 1 peer-reviewed book chapter.

H-index 21. Total citations: 1568 (1084 since 2010), i10 index 27 (26 since 2010). Generated April 2015 (Google Scholar Citations: Vibe G. Frokjaer).

Selected speaker at the EANM meeting (2004) for the Marie Curie Award (1 of 5 from a total of 1300). Invited speaker at EuropeanCollege of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) 2011. Invited symposium speaker ECNP 2013 and Society for Biological Society (SOBP) May 2014.

Communication of scientific results to the general public

2014, February: Interview on Danish television (TV2) on “New imaging tool reflect brain serotonin levels”, press attention on Mol Psy 2014 publication.

2012, April: DanishRoyalAcademy of Science, Public lecture “Sex-hormones and brain function”.

2011, January: Interview on Danish television (TV2) on women in science, press attention after women in natural science grant.

2010, February: Interview on Danish national television (DR1, Update) on gene by environment interactions in depression, press attention on Biol Psy 2010 publication.

2008, October: Interview on Danish television (TV2) on the subject ”stress is heritable”, press attention on Biol Psy 2008 publication.

2007, November: Interview, Dagens medicin, special issue on the brain ”Personlighed afspejler risiko for at udvikle depression” (Personality reflects risk for depression).